Our Mission:

To improve the lives of millions suffering from neurodegeneration.

Who are we?

Bolden Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing first-in-class therapeutics to treat central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and ischemic stroke. Bolden’s research facility is located in Cambridge, MA, and its corporate headquarters is located in Providence, RI.


Bolden’s scientific founders have identified a key molecular pathway to promote the birth of new neurons (neurogenesis) in the adult brain. In a proprietary mouse model Bolden has established proof-of-concept of this approach to increase neurogenesis and enhance hippocampal-dependent memory.


Neurogenesis has been extensively studied in animals, and is believed to play an important role in learning and memory. Diminished neurogenesis can contribute to cognitive dysfunction and memory impairment, and this phenomenon is observed in multiple neurodegenerative diseases and neurological conditions. In addition, neurogenesis has been implicated as important for functional recovery following traumatic brain injury and ischemic stroke.

Target Indications

Due to the nature of neurogenesis as a target, there are a multitude of potential clinical applications for neurogenesis-promoting therapies such as those we aim to develop. These include but are not limited to: Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, ischemic stroke, treatment-resistant depression, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive impairment following chemotherapy.